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 Donate with PayPal

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PostSubject: Donate with PayPal   Mon Apr 26, 2010 5:10 pm

If you don't want to donate with a text can donate us with paypal...If you don't know what paypal is...It is a service that you can create an account,give your credit card number (is very safe) and buy anything you want from the internet...If you want to make a paypal account visit this link and follow the guide:

If you want to donate us with paypal...Log in with your account to the link below and then press the button that will appear

Donation gift:

5€=500 Credits
10€=1200 Credits
20€=2500 Credits
30€=5000 Credits

When you have donate us...Send to this e-mail an e-mail with your paypal account e-mail and the money you have donate! Thank you...For more informations send e-mail to

Donate for DigitaLMU and support us!
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Donate with PayPal
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